Dr. Kim’s No Cavity Kids’ Club

For Kids

Hey kids! If you become a member of Dr. Kim’s NO CAVITY KIDS CLUB, you get the following:

  • Great movie ticket, bank and prizes and a T-Shirt
  • Your name posted on our NO CAVITY KID’S CLUB BOARD.
  • Your name in a monthly drawing for a cool Kindle Fire and other prizes

So, what do you need to do to make sure you keep your membership current? Just follow these simple rules:

  • Rule #1: Brush your teeth at least two times a day, especially at night.
  • Rule #2: Floss your teeth at least twice a day (and remind your parents to do it, too!)
  • Rule #3: When you’re thirsty and it’s not meal-time, ask for water.
  • Rule #4: Eat healthy snacks, such as yummy cheese and fruit.
  • Rule #5: Avoid chewy candies, juice and soft drinks as often as you can and if you eat or drink any of these, be sure to brush right after.

Follow these rules and not only will you have great teeth, you will be a star member of the NO CAVITY KIDS CLUB and you can win great prizes!

For Parents

Dear involved parents:

Congratulations on your child being cavity free. Dr. Kim is committed to your child’s oral health and we want to make his or her dentist visits as informative and fun as possible. We have developed our NO CAVITY KIDS CLUB to help motivate parents and kids to take better care of their teeth and live healthier lives. Below are a few of the aspects of the club we feel you would like to know about, as well as some tips that will help your child continue to be cavity free and reap the benefits of being a member.

Our office will be updating the Kids’ Club section of our website for you and your children. We will strive to have an informative and interesting website, free from advertisements or inappropriate material that you would not want your child viewing. The links and games that we have chosen are either dental related or basic, non-violent games both kids and adults will enjoy. Feel free to make suggestions or comments in the creation of this part of our website, as we would greatly appreciate it.

A benefit of being cavity free is that your child will earn a special listing on the NO CAVITY KIDS CLUB section of our website, and will also have their picture on our NO CAVITY KIDS CLUB board in the office. Your child is special for keeping cavity free and will also be entered into a monthly drawing for the chance to win a WII. If for any reason you do not want your child’s name listed, we will promptly remove it.

After five No Cavity Visits, your children will receive an additional pizza party prize for their (and your) efforts. Further levels will come with better prizes and rewards for excellent oral health.

Tips for Keeping Children Cavity Free

  1. Brushing. While this sounds simple, most children and many parents don’t properly brush. The techniques we propose, as well as the instructions that we have given have a proven track record for keeping kid’s teeth as healthy as possible.
  2. Flossing. Flossing is not just for adults. Most of the fillings that we do are between the back teeth where the teeth touch. A regimen of proper flossing should begin as soon as the teeth begin to do this, around age 2 or 3.
  3. Proper Diet. You already may know that cookies and candies can cause cavities, so what are some alternatives you give your kids? Fruits and cheeses provide a much better alternative. A common misconception is that fruit juices are okay. However, if your child is eating fruits and veggies, they are already getting all of the necessary vitamin C. If you factor out the vitamins in juice, all that’s left is sugar!
  4. Fluoride and Sealants. The proper dose of fluoride can help build stronger teeth that are more resistant to cavities. It can also help rebuild damaged teeth. Sealants are an integral part of keeping your child cavity free. These are protective coatings on the tops of back teeth that prevent the cavity creating bacteria and sugars from getting into the grooves that cannot be cleaned by regular brushing. Usually, sealants are placed on permanent teeth, but often are recommended for baby teeth if deemed appropriate. Ask us for more information or visit our website.